27 June 2012

today's focus

Operation Clean Baby Clean continues, although I have  not made as much progress today as I'd like. Had a few phone calls throughout the day for the new client, so I was a bit scattered as I realized I know utterly nothing (at least that is how I feel). I totally realize a great deal of it is simply getting back into the game. Once I have the last vestiges of unpacking out of sight, I think I will feel more focused. At least that is the carrot I am dangling in front of my nose at the moment.

All unpacking and cleaning must be completed by Saturday as Cherry arrives on Sunday. The Cottage must look like a bona fide residence.

Dipped my toes back into the internet dating arena. Heart not completely in it but I know I have to start going out and meeting people, particularly men... because well, I haven't been on a proper date in some time. Namely the Super Dad and the Courier adventures don't count. Diversions and delusions do not equate to date.

Not feeling quite as grim today. Must figure out how to make this place work.

Off to finish some sorting so I can reward myself with a bath in my newly functional bath tub! Hooray!

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