06 July 2012

and you're not gonna reach my telephone

What a weird week with the holiday plopped right smack dab in the middle. While my pea brain tells me it is Friday, somehow it feels more like a Tuesday or Wednesday to me. Let's simply blame the altitude for it all, shall we?

Things continue on in the realm of internet dating. One guy has proven to be annoying with his texting me to tell me he is calling from his land line. At that time, I was out and away from the phone. He left a voice message; however, he proceeded to follow up shortly there after with a text asking if I was around. Seriously, if I had been around don't you think I would have picked up the phone. That behavior right there has totally turned me off.

I am meeting a man on Monday evening. He writes well, has a good sense of humor, or more accurately a sense of humor that aligns with mine. The banter has been quite fun and I have been surprised at how much I have enjoyed being creative while corresponding with him. Of course, the cynic in me is creeping around the corner because on Monday is he going to look anything like his photos or being anything like what he's presented?? Gotta take the plunge, right!

Here's hoping I have positive things to report to y'all on Tuesday!

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Carla said...

I'm behind in my reading so I guess I need to find the post after this to see how the date went.
I'm glad I'm out of the dating bucket. I don't think I'd do very well via internet but I've got several friends who were successful and have been married for years.
I need to read faster. LOL