19 July 2012

date night recap

I had plenty of runway to get ready and somehow I still managed to be late meeting Potential Suitor #1.

He did an excellent job selecting our venue; reminded me a lot of Austin. As for looks, he was a bit different than his photos. Not good or bad, just a bit different seeing a person in 3-D. He was well dressed from his shirt to his shoes, because y'all know I eyeballed the man's footwear.

Conversation flowed very easily. He was upfront, straightforward, and sincere with me. We laughed a lot and any initial meeting awkwardness did not last long.

It was a wonderful change from my last dance down the internet dating lane. He wants to see me again and told me so last night as we parted ways and again in an email this morning.

And I am looking forward to a next time :-)