22 July 2012

theatre nine

More tragedy for the Denver metro area. I don't know how it is outside of Denver, but the theatre shooting is always on television here.

So tragic, those 12 souls, the remaining physically injured, and the rest who lived (miraculously) through such horror. The power that one deranged mind can wield over so many lives. Especially as we know that this effects more than the souls in the theatre, it effects everyone who knows those who were in theatre 9 and beyond.

When Columbine occurred, I was working a project in Connecticut. I never watched anything related to 9/11 because we were consumed working that at the ranch; disaster response was paramount. Besides I knew enough people directly involved that I didn't need to get much closer because it was already too close for comfort. So to be here this time and under non-consumed circumstances makes the experience different.

The television continues to speak and I listen.

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