17 July 2012

a dress for every occassion

It was another jam packed weekend. Sadly with all the jam packedness, I still found ways to compare this place to Austin and to be reminded of everything this place is not. I know I shouldn't but I cannot help myself. Well, maybe the only thing that helped were those fried green tomatoes and fried okra. Clearly, I like my help deep fried and served with wine!

Tomorrow is my rendezvous with Potential Suitor #1. I have no idea what I am going to wear!? So many dresses, so many shoes. But what to wear? I hope inspiration will be overflowing tomorrow afternoon.

Potential Suitor #2 called again last night. I didn't hear the phone ring. Honest. When I listened to his voice message this morning, I was annoyed. I think Potential Suitor #2 believes he is being funny with his messages but he simply rubs me the wrong way. I should be giddy after listening to a message as opposed to the recoil I experience.

I sincerely hope I am not horribly disappointed tomorrow night.


Fiona said...

It's totally normal to compare. After a while you'll start to see more and more positives about where you are because that's where YOU are :)

Good luck with the date and I'm sure you will look fantabulous, Patsy.

Re Suitor 2, that's very early to be rubbing you up the wrong way, might be time to ditch?



Carla said...

I tend to agree with Fiona but then again keep and open mind and go out with #2 but set your phone alarm to ring like a phone 30 minutes into the date then pretend to answer and act like your talking with someone and tell Mr Rubs you the wrong way you need to leave for business or family emergency if he still rubs you the wrong way. Oh hey better yet be honest and tell him sorry this isn't working. LOL
Good Luck