11 June 2013

thirty days...

Busy has been a good thing around here. Some how the days have danced past in a flurry and here it is June already. 

Lots has been afoot here at the cottage. 

The Southern Gentlemen is officially dead to me.
Adopted a new canine. 
Continue trying to figure out where/how to fit in at work.
Pushing ahead on the great home remodel project. 
Threw a few parties.
Spent some much needed r-and-r in southeast Asia.
Endured the house guest from hell.
Ran another half marathon.

While the list is small, it certainly hasn't felt that way. 

I remain in denial that half a year is almost gone. Even more disbelief, that is a year I have returned to Denver. 


Fiona said...

OMG where were you in SEA??

Most exciting news is the new furry-face....details, details :)

I hear ya about time flying....there's something wrong that we are almost half-way through the year and speeding towards half-way through this decade, which feels like it only just started!

patsy said...

Fi! Went to Laos and Myanmar. It was beyond amazing!!