12 June 2013

a chapter closed

When last we spoke many months ago, I was super excited about the glowing prospects of The Southern Gentleman finally coming around.

Well, my excitement was short lived as by mid-February, he promptly stuck his head back in the ground. The Southern Gentleman went from genuinely trying in January to utter silence in February. I had sent him small presents for his birthday and Valentine's Day. He called me several days post birthday to thank me for the birthday present. This was not his typical behavior as generally he would have called the moment he received the package. I never heard from him regarding the Valentine's Day package.

It was his disregard and neglecting his usual southern good manners that slapped me across the face. And with that I was done. Done being patient, done encouraging, done waiting, hoping. Done.

And so I moved on.

Yes, he has called, sent a few emails, and a text or two; however, I have not responded or even acknowledged. I am done.

I needed to do this. Sever the connection, freeing myself of his spell.

To be cliche, I closed the door, so I could open the window for the new to come pouring in.


Fiona said...

*waving* good to see you :)

Yes, time to find someone who puts you as a priority and doesn't mess you about.

You deserve it girlfriend!!! :)



Carla said...

Way to go. You have be true to yourself and do what makes you happy.
And not sit by the phone waiting.