25 March 2006

Through Nyquil Glasses

Tuesday afternoon I felt the twinge of a sore throat brewing. As the day worn on, I could feel the germs multiplying, growing their legions and plotting their take over of my body. I brought out my secret weapon - NYQUIL!!

So since Tuesday I have been living on a complex combination of Dayquil and Nyquil. Funny thing is the Dayquil provides me with all the sleepy qualities of Nyquil - only slightly lessened. As a result of my various-Quil induced sleepyland, I have not left the house since Tuesday. My only major adventure has been walking to the mailbox across the street.

Major cabin fever is abound. I am hoping to wake up breathing freely through my nose so I can be out of this damn house this weekend!! I pray the Nyquil works its magic and I can enjoy my weekend! Keep your fingers crossed!

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