17 April 2006

The Easter Bunny Chronicles

Yesterday was my first experience working with the infamous Easter Bunny. I was up surprisingly late on Saturday night hiding 48 eggs of Easter sugar loaded happiness. Trying to be inventive in my hiding so everything wouldn't be found within five minutes but yet hoping the girls would stumble upon them without adult assistance.

Overall the day turned out good, the girls were happy that their baskets were overloaded with glorious plastic eggs and Montana Man seemed happy as well. It was fun but a little surreal at the same time. This year for the very first time in my life - I WAS THE FRIGGING EASTER BUNNY! Fledging step-monster-to-be got a big reality check yesterday.

With such grand realizations slapping me across the face and upside the head, my emotions were - and to some extent still are - all over the board. All of this family togetherness is so foreign to this single girl about town. While it is nice to have the kids running about the house with the hound dogs, I also feel a little suffocation. There is more to think about now other than myself and I am not used to all that - the coordination, the thinking before doing - which is probably normal for any married with kids - but this is a WHOLE NEW ball game for me.

CONFLICTED - the perfect summation for my universe right now.

Do I want a life of two kids (although part time, they are still more responsibility than I am used to), the ex drama, and all the other fun (note the hint of sarcasm here) that comes with Montana Man? Or go back to my previous way of life - single gal with the dogs, occasional bad dates, with no one to answer to and relatively little responsibility - a world where EVERYTHING is ALL ABOUT ME?


Selfishness or part of a bigger whole?

Regrets, worries, stress, surprises, sadness, happiness, choices, love, life, experience, emotions, feelings, priorities

A crossroads - I had not anticipated - which has led to confusion - I am having to think about and explore uncharted territory within myself

What do I want out of life?

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