18 April 2006

What's the Grade?

From Wendy Wasserstein's In The Heidi Chronicles...

Scoop: Let's say we married and I asked you to devote the, say, next 10 years of your life to me. To making me a home and a family and a life so secure that I could with some confidence go out into the world each day and attempt to get an A. You'd say, "No." You'd say, "Why can't we be partners? Why can't we both go out into the world and get an A?" And you'd be absolutely valid and correct.

Heidi: But Lisa...

Scoop: Do I love her, as your nice friend asked me? She's the best that I can do. Is she an A+ like you? No. But I don't want to come home to an A+. A- maybe, but not A+.


The above is the story of my life... my striving to be the best, to excel, to achieve, to explore, to experience has made me an A+ in several areas of my life. However, in the personal parts of my life, that A+ aura has bit me in the bum over and over.

Even though my A+ has made dating difficult and frustrating because of the intimidation factor and the sensitivity of the male ego, I have chosen not to "dumb" myself down for the sake of a full dance card. I'VE GOTTA BE ME! And if you, Mr. Male Ego, don't like that I have seen the world, pay my own bills and can afford my lifestyle, then you are not for this girl.

So what happens if this A+ doesn't stumble upon another A+ who sees the world as I do and wants to come home to a great report card - not one BUT TWO A+s?? I will remain happy with my one A+ because at the end of the day, I have to be happy with me because after all, I am stuck with me for quite some time! :-)

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