14 March 2007

On my mind...

I guess I am shocked at myself for truly liking Harry.

Let me explain because that sentence does not sound very good standing alone up there.

After living through hell and back with Montana Man, I am surprised at how easily I opened myself up to the possibility of a relationship again. And it was easy with a seemingly good person. It was so easy because my therapy worked. To me, feeling 'fixed' and living 'fixed' are different. While I have felt fixed, with Harry, I am seeing in action that I am truly, honestly living fixed. My mind and actions are in sync. And I am truly delighted, overjoyed, and eternally pleased.

Harry. Just maybe I could be Charlotte. At least for a little while.

I am happy to hear his voice on the other end of the phone. I look forward to receiving his emails. This weekend, it will be a month that we first met. In talking this weekend, there were numerous aspects of him that truly appealed and endeared me to him.

I have found myself wanting to share the silly little pieces of my day with him. And in that respect, I have never been much of a sharer. Harry laughs and that alone ever so delights me. He can joke.

I am looking forward to seeing him tonight. In fact, I cannot wait!

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