21 March 2007

How Do I Know?

Many people that I speak with often say that when you meet the right one, "you just know."

However, how do you "just know?"

Is it because I haven't met that "just know" person yet? Or is it a myth perpetuated by our society?

In my ski adventure with Harry, there were many statements made on his part about the cosmic coincidences that we share. His "you just knows" ever so slightly veiled. But how do I know? I thought I knew twice but once ended in divorce and the second ended in utter heart break. So how do I know?

I do not trust words any more. I do not read anything into the deep professions of undying love. I enjoy it but do not bank on it. But there is a deep, genuine vibration that rings from Harry's words and actions that I cannot deny. And that vibration attracts me, speaks to my soul.

Harry shares his thoughts with me. Harry speaks his heart to me. Harry. Harry is willing to make himself vulnerable with me. While I cautiously give my heart, I still wonder how will I know?

Have you ever just known? And has it worked out?

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