12 March 2007

Whirlwind Weekend

It was a whirlwind weekend once I stepped off the plane on Friday night. And the whirlwind was wonderful.

Harry. Harry Goldenblatt.

My feet remain planted on terra firma; however, it is wonderful to be twirled around. To have someone gaze at me with stars twinkling in his eyes. Wanting to touch my hand. The security of being held.

Conversations that would have immediately thrust me into sabotage mode did not phase me. The shrink would be so proud because I most certainly am. We covered a lot of territory over many hours. He slept in my bed for two nights and no horizontal shenanigans ensued... not because he did not try.

He left stating that he feels so much closer to me now. Both days, he did not want to leave. It makes me happy when people feel so comfortable in my home.

I looked at him to figure out where my attraction for him stems... and it is his eyes. His kind, gentle eyes and what appears to be his genuine gentle heart.

He's a doer, doesn't believe in solely sitting in front of the television for entertainment. I am actually looking forward to hiking this summer. He is making plans for us and I am embracing those plans.

I learned about Jewish wedding traditions. His family's philosophy about marrying outside the religion. My desire to live somewhere else and possible locations. How he got to where he is today - the many facets of that simple yet complex question.

After our weekend of togetherness, Harry shared with me that he spoke at length about me to his family.

Harry Goldenblatt likes me. And you know what? I like Harry Goldenblatt too.

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