09 June 2007

Checking In

So much going on. I have been so busy. work. life. work. life. work. work.

I need to get my butt in gear and get going for the day but thought I'd check in on the old blog.

Work. I am down in Texas and even though I am super-duper busy, I am loving it down here. Some days moving to Texas sounds appealing. Most days I have this overwhelming feeling that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I have never felt this powerful compelling emotion, feeling, knowing... I cannot quite put words to it. Honestly, I just feel that I am right on track being here... deep down in my very being. It is weird.

Love life. Less than fulfilling right now. Harry is done but I was ready for that to be done. Montana Man is done as well but you know how he always tries to keep a finger in the pot.

I am ready for a new infusion of men, that's for sure.

I bought some new clothes last weekend. A lot of size 8 items, which makes me ever so happy. I have never been a size 8.

I am happy, truly happy these days out here in Texas.

I will not be so neglectful of you little blog. Work is calming down and I can give you the proper attention once again... because bloggy, I've missed you.

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