26 June 2007

Squares of My Life

Life continues to be its adorable roller coaster self.

Montana Man - he is really working hard at being friends, but he keeps getting our lives even more entangled. Asking me to help, to participate in a role reserved for a fiancee or wife. Our lives get further and further entangled - yes - entangled is my new word.

Harry Goldenblatt - he and I are done, burnt like bread left too long in the toaster. He was out to use me for virtually free holidays. I cannot believe how stupid he thought I was, that I would believe his ridiculous story.

Montana Man Lite - a recent addition to the cast. recently met and seems to have his act together, but as a girl who is not in town on a regular basis, I do not know if anything will happen. Maybe just a good friend.

The Southern Gentleman - what more can I say. The Southern Gentleman will be coming out to see me in a few months. He leapt at my invitation to come visit and bought a ticket within a few hours. We have always been deeply attracted to each other. This weekend could prove to be very interesting and quite enlightening.

And that is the lovely square that is my life. Work keeps burying me but hoping to have a bunch of fun in the next few weeks. Life - it's an adventure!

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