13 June 2007

... life is but a dream

I was at a barbecue on Saturday evening. It was lovely made wonderful by the company. I was amazed by the collection of women present. Ages ranged from late-twenties to late-thirties. We all shared a common factor – we are all single. Fabulous women, but single women. While it was great to be surrounded by my peers, women who get it, it made me wonder what else we have in common that got us to this point. I was actually an exception because I was a divorcee surrounded by never-marrieds. We were all fairly successful and own our own homes. Confidence was thick in the air. It felt good to be in that environment.

What endears me to this new city is I have met more women like me than I ever have in Mile High. Yes, I have toned down my flamboyant dressing and jewelry. While the toning down has helped in my quest for female friends, the something special I have continues to shine through. Now while I am not drop dead gorgeous, I am more attractive than the average bear. I used to shy away from that fact, but now I am learning to embrace the beauty, to appreciate myself just the way I am.

Even though I never acknowledged myself for who I was, I have always had a “like-me-or-leave-me” attitude. I had to. Girls, women never liked me due to being pretty, thin, funny, smart and as a direct result my female friends were few. My few female friends have always been women who were strong and secure. They were not intimated or jealous of me because they were content with their own lot.

However, as I grow older (yes, the ripe old age of 32 ;-) ), I am discovering more women who are in the same boat as me and a few more actually want to row with me. I am delighted in the new sisterhood I have found here. It is so much easier when you do not have to row alone.

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