01 October 2007

Coming Clean

Today I gave up.

I came clean with Montana Man about The Southern Gentleman. Dear Montana Man cornered me into telling him the truth; going on ad nausium about the sound of my voice when we spoke yesterday. He was dying to tell me about his date too and think he was checking the water on that front too. So I decided fuckit and told him.

Montana Man and I have needed to be honest. We have needed to move forward. Put "us" behind us. I needed to wipe the slate clean, so I can be without a care. So I can be free. Free for me. No more accidentally falling into bed. No more ties to bind us or me. Free.

I felt he was surprised by it to some extent. I do not think he assumed there was the depth there that there is. It did feel good to hear him affirm what I felt were the vibes coming off The Southern Gentleman. Maybe Montana Man and I can truly be friends.

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