29 October 2007

Is that a pineapple on your head or...

I had yet another fabulous weekend in SxSW land. I got an unexpected invite to a Friday night Halloween party, which required obtaining a costume with lightning speed. At home, I could pull this last minute invite with ease; however, being 800 miles from home with limited resources, I had to hit the store, which was a total mad house.

The Friday night party left a lot to be desired. Most notably a party. For some time, the people I was with, well, we were the party. A few more people joined along the way but it was far from a par-tay...

Since it was not a late eve, I made it to the early Saturday morning walk. Six miles at top walking pace early in the morning was surprising easy. Although I did feel my leg muscles. New motto, "firm everything up so I look good nakkid."

Luckily I did not purchase my costume in vain as I had another last minute invite to a real party on Saturday. The location was perfecto - out in the woods by the lake, a shack like structure that contained the booze and a good live band outside where we danced under the trees amid the wind and stars... it was a scene straight out of a good horror movie - unsuspecting partying souls quietly picked off one by one by some psycho as they went back the pink and blue port-a-potties seeking a little relief. It was a good time. The trash can punch was mighty tasty. I preferred the red to the lemonade. The few jello shots were delightful. And I did not get overly tipsy, enjoyed a mellow buzz - yippee for getting my pacing down! Since losing weight and the resulting body composition changes, the pacing has changed.

But Saturday night was fun. Life down here is good. People are kind and welcoming. It was a good kind of party fun that I have not enjoyed since college frat party days.

Reason #648 why I love it here.

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