14 October 2007

A Quickie

Got off the plane Thursday AM and it has been non-stop! As follows!
  • Airplane seat - Middle! Last Row!
  • Work, work, work.
  • Take much needed nap
  • Babysat Montana Man's gyrls for one night
  • Babysitting Montana Man's canine for 4 nights
  • Hunt for tile
  • My hound gyrls are pissed off because the interloper is here
  • Hunt for tile
  • Read the much spoken about, much anticipated - "the letter"
  • Hunt for tile
  • Work!
  • Raining insane amounts here. However, unfazed as rain = my entire summer
  • Bought tile. A lot of fucking tile
  • Called The Southern Gentleman and left message
  • Laid a lot of fucking tile
  • Picked up too much dog shite since returning home
  • Have a lot more tile to lay before getting finished
  • To date, no returned phone call from The Southern Gentleman

Later in the week, I will fill in some blanks to the bullet points above.

But for now, I am super duper exhausted. My body is running an hour ahead. Need to finish my glass of vino and head directly to bed!

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