20 May 2008


This article sent my blood pressure through the roof with rage.

Greyhounds are a creature very close to my heart. I despise the fact that in this day and age these poor animals are still breed to race and kennel operator treat the innocent dogs like trash, especially those who cannot or do not race to make these kennel owners money.

My girl was such a case. The poor dog was gravely ill - losing as much as 10 pounds from her first race to her last (only two months later). For a dog to lose THAT much weight, it is clear to anyone that the dog is physically sick! Sick as a direct effect of the horrible kennel conditions she was forced to live in.

She was lucky because I gave her a second chance, I put up with all her problems, got her back on the road and now she is a perfecto angel - she is healthy, happy, and leading a full life.

Had this UK kennel operator had her, my girl would have been on the vet school's table in pieces. How many gorgeous girls and boys like mine had their life brutally cut short for 30 quid?


Fiona said...

It sickens me when I hear about such abuse of animals (I hate to hear about abuse of people too, but I do have an awful soft spot for dogs).

Kudos to you for taking in a rescue, I can't abide it when people talk about buying puppies and the like....gggrrrrrr puppy farms!!

Whiskeymarie said...

Human beings are disgusting sometimes. How can you look at a dog/cat/bunny/etc.. and think to do these things?
This guy needs to be kicked in the crotch. Hard. And often.

Oh, hi. De-lurking here.

kimba said...

Ohh darlin' I am so sad to read this. Unforch humans are so guilty of evil things.

My little man was sentenced to death because his previous owners were renovating their house!

Hmm we need to save some money so we can afford the bathroom tiles we want.. I know! Let's kill the dog!

Fucking barbaric.

There are greyhounds that go to our local park and I tell you - they are beautiful - hypnotic when they run free.. so beautiful.. You are a lucky dog mum to have one of those beautiful creatures..

Taz (and I) have a particular soft spot for the Whippets and Italian Greyhounds - next rescue dog will prolly be one of those..xx