19 May 2008

So So Monday

Tired. I have been so extraordinarily exhausted lately. I feel out of steam. Somehow since my week-on-the-couch-popping-cold-pills, I've not gotten back to fully serviced and ready to roar. Of course, packed weekends do not help.

Life has been a dingy gray blah of sorts.

My West Coast trip has snuck up on me. I leave before the crack of dawn on Thursday and have done nothing in preparation.

No word from The Southern Gentleman. Think my last email entailing the fact that the plot line of Made of Honor really hit home with me might have been a little too much for him to wrap his head around. The whole story is about male/female friends who have been friends for 10 years, one thing leads to another and just as one friend gets ready to tell other friend that he loves her - poof! she met some other man! Much hi jinx ensue but the best friends end up together as the bigger relationship was always there. Yes, a very familiar script in my life. Just hope that neither of us has to crash the other's next wedding.

Montana Man, on the other hand, has been trying to resurface a bit. I put up with the little bit necessary to make life flow smoother but he can take his problems elsewhere because they are not my problems to solve or even assist in solving.

Forgot my ID badge this morning. Only problem is that a secured door stands between me and the bathroom. Not good for a girl who usually sucks down 2 to 3 litres of water a day. Needless to say there has been a moratorium on water consumption. All those years of not breaking the seal whilst drinking is truly paying off today.

Life in a nutshell is dandy. Not stellar or super-duper. But not every day can be a 10+. I will enjoy the subtle joy in days only rated a 6 or 7.

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