29 March 2009

Finish Lines

This morning we ran the local 10k. While ran is a strong word, we didn’t take a leisurely walk either. Eddie and I went along at a pretty good clip. In fact, I can feel the muscles in my bum quite well right now. But I did what I set out to do - finish the race.

Afterwards we had some girl time and a lovely lunch at our favorite taco place. Onward home where I enjoyed my bath; clean hair is so fabulous. So I was fully relaxed when the phone rang with its infamous “waiting” ring tone that belongs solely to The Southern Gentleman.

Answering the phone, his Southern drawl greeted me with a low sing-song tone. Upon hearing that I completed the 10k today, The Southern Gentleman snickered a fair amount; I was not pleased. As our conversation progressed, I know I got more agitated with him and it probably came across in my tone. Our phone call ended within 15 minutes.

I wasn’t cross or rude. I am simply tired of listening to the story that is not going to be made into a tv movie. It has been a year and half since The Southern Gentleman made his first trip down here. Not much has changed significantly during that extended period of time; we are still friends – no commitments have been made, no binding confessions of love.

I have given up on him. A significant amount of time and energy were expended and I cannot put any more into a road to nowhere. I ran the race with The Southern Gentleman. He is still somewhere at the start line; I have continued running and made it to the finish line alone. It is time for me find another race to run, another finish line to cross. Hopefully next time I won't be finishing the race alone.

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Fiona said...

Way to go woman for running the 10k!!

I'm sorry to hear about how things are going downhill with SG but after a year and a half, well, you've given him plenty of time. And you do deserve someone to set up a 'pace' with you.