04 March 2009

it's practically free

We all have something we are known for. A survival skill, if you will. Something that is simply "your thing" and others are always amazed by. It truly is a hallmark.

Hallmarks can vary. Some people save the world with their kryptonite strength. Others clean parks.

My hallmark is shopping. Specifically bargain hunting tactical shopping. Over the weekend, I successfully scooped up all sort of material goodies that I do not need. But the price was right, the label was good, therefore the price became even better.

My mantra is "it's practically free" and it truly is, so I cannot leave the top/pants/shoes/undies behind.

Now for a point of clarification, I do not simply buy for purchasing sake. I am actually selective and do not rack up the credit card or purchase constantly. It has be marked down several times and then some before an item makes the big trip home with me.

However, I have enjoyed wearing the new items all week. Even got to break in a new dress on Saturday at a birthday party.

The thing is I do get everything at wonderful prices, up to 90% off of retail. I always look good and have a lot of clothing; however, I don't spend near what it looks like I do on all of it. I do believe it has a lot to do with my attitude toward it - the bargains jump at me - and I have realized I think it has a lot to do with my mantra. The more I say "it's practically free," the more of this I stumble upon.

While I do love the clothes and the shoes, I have realized it all about how these items make me feel. They enable me to have confidence in myself. They are the boost to my fragile ego. They make me feel good about myself.

What I don't know is whether that is a good thing or not.

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