25 February 2009


In both relationships and life, Patsy, trust begets trust.
Generosity begets generosity.
Love begets love.
Be the spark, especially when it's dark.
Hubba, hubba - The Universe


I know you have heard me say these words before... but the words are sticking this time as there appears to be a method to the madness, a pattern.

The Southern Gentleman pushed me over the edge yesterday, on a day that was already particularly crappy. I just don't have years of cat and mouse games in me any more.

Yesterday I received an innocent little email from American Airlines with its weekend getaway fares. Oddly, for once, there is a flight between Austin and the South listed... for only $135. Practically free! Considering his last ticket here was over $400.

So off goes a little note with the link through cyber space.

His response, "that flight is pretty cheap......but i don't know if i can come" followed by a litany of excuses.

I have no patience for the excuses any more. He also shared with me a trip to South American that is on the horizon. Our Southern Gentleman could have easily asked me join him. But alas it was all about him and the damn business.

Of course after I make my declaration to the universe that I am done with the man, he called. As if to know I am done. We spoke but my heart's just not it in. Not any more.

It is high time I start casting my net closer to home with emotionally available and willing fish.


Fiona said...

Sounds like you're at breaking point Patsy. Well, you seem to be filling his needs but he's not filling yours. Time to search for pastures new, I hope you find a good'un :)



sulkygirl said...

ahhh pats.. good luck with the willing fish finding.. xx

(wear the red dress, morning noon and night.. that will lure them in x)