02 February 2009

the return

I am back home. The trip was short but absolutely hands-down jam packed. I am exhausted, drained on all fronts - physically, mentally, emotionally. I feel like a glob of goo.

I feel very positive for Alexander's future. The surgery was a bear but seeing in the day after surgery and watching his progress made my heart sing.

The mini-retreat was very good. Lots of eye opening, many releases. I think release is going to be my theme word for awhile. The retreat setting was nothing short of amazing. Heaven on earth does exist because I was dwelling in it this weekend.

This morning there was a lovely and long email from The Southern Gentleman waiting for me. Maybe transformation is afoot in the universe?

good night my little chickadees!

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thecoconutdiaries said...

I am so jealous that you went to my home without me. Hope you thought of me while indulging in the world's best spa ever.