18 February 2009

been off

i have been feeling rather blah.

a serious case of the blahs is always concerning to me. considering my past track record.

i think it is time for an acupuncture tune up. however, i don't have an acupuncturist down here. and i really don't want to start over. but the time has come for me to suck it up and find a needler.

maybe a tune up. make working out a priority again. doing something - anything- once and for all to get that last ten ugly pounds off my ass.

just let all the shite of the world slide off my back more. all of it is meaningless noise.

meditating regularly too. that helps immensely.

there's the plan... now I just need to work it...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Music usually perks me up. Hope you come out of the blahs soon! Hey you won a book from me, does that help?? Send your address to: lisamunleyATcaDOTrrDOTcom