23 February 2009


yesterday served as the one year mark that the pups and i loaded up the car and headed southeast to begin our austin adventure together. sixteen hours in the car, the pups becoming travelers, arriving to our rental house in the wee hours of the morning.

a year later and the big girl is still as happy as ever down here while the baby girl continues her immense dislike of the surroundings. unfortunately baby girl still looks depressed and missing her obnoxious spunk in all photos. i know she is just a dog, but it still makes me a bit sad that she has not adapted.

in a few short weeks, it will be the two year anniversary of my first trip down here. i am nothing short of amazed when i look back on my life and see the mountains of changes that have occurred since my first trip on march 5th. my world has changed so very much and the best part - all the changes are positive. i couldn't have dreamed this beautiful life any more perfect.

as i reflect on all the good that has come out of one assignment, it makes my heart sing that my girl, sulky is just starting a whole new wonderful adventure of her very own.

how very lucky are we?!!

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Anonymous said...

yippee pats.. yes I am about to adventure it up over here.. looking at real estate magazines and websites as we speak...