23 October 2011


Let's walk back in time, about four years ago. Remember how thrilled I was to be down here. How I was so sure this place, Austin was where I was meant to be.

Sadly, that feeling, that powerful feeling of knowing has left. In fact, I have become very restless. For some time now, I have been overcome by an intense feeling that my time here is done. With each passing week, that feeling is amplified.

But I know this place is going to be so hard to leave. My friends, the lifestyle, constant activity. Austin has been so special and I know I will be leaving behind so many wonderful people. Saying goodbye is going to be so difficult. But at the same time, I know I need something, some place new.

Conflicted feelings. Stay or go. However, I know I have to follow my heart and my heart is telling me that the end is near.


Fiona said...

My dear Patsy, it's always hard leaving when parts of a place are beloved. But if your future calls to you then you should go. Friends will stay in touch, you'll adapt to a new lifestyle/activity/culture, etc.

Your future lies ahead of you and who knows what it will bring...how exciting!! :)

Hope Lulu continues to mend :)

patsy said...

Lulu is making amazing progress every day! Amen!