26 March 2012


Tonight was the first episode for Oprah's new season of Lifeclass.

After watching the episode, realizations ring through Stepford tonight. Namely, the getting stuck in your story portion of the program. I saw myself when Iyanla spoke to a man about being stuck in his story. As she described the root of the problem, my sirens went off. The current story I am addicted to is Lola's death. Every painful inch from the moment Lola broke her leg until Lola drew her last breath. Lola's sickness, my care taking, the surrealism of the whole situation has become my story and I am addicted to it. Addicted to reliving the heart break, the sorrow, the triumphs, the strength, the sadness, the extremeness of it all.

I need to refocus the situation. But in the meantime, here in baby steps world, I just need to recognize and acknowledge my addiction to Lola's story. From there forward movement to the truth phase of this new perspective.

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