28 March 2012

question and answer

Today I made it to the ranch before 7:30 AM. Quite a feat as I have been working from home in the mornings to avoid participating in rush hour traffic. Also, getting up in the dark is not one of my favorite activities. No, I am not a morning person. 

Tomorrow I have yet another interview with the prospective nouveau company. This will be interview nombre trios. While there is goodness swirling around with my name, I certainly hope this will be the final interview. I want the offer to be made, negotiated, and finalized. 

Change is scary. Leaving the ranch after fifteen years is going to be difficult. But by the same token, I will be going to a pond a fourth of the size of the ranch. A smaller pond where I can shine bigger and brighter. I am banking on it being a land of greater opportunity. 

I have learned so much over my tenure at the ranch. I am ready to leave the nest and finally soar.

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