22 October 2008

how memories get me in trouble

This morning while washing my face, a ghost from my past randomly jumped into my thoughts. The Doctor.

I haven't thought about The Doctor for eons. In fact, it feels like that entire tryst occurred in another lifetime altogether. My grad school days of yore.

The snippet that danced across my cortex was when I had just graduated with my masters and returned from a quick trip to Mexico. The Doctor had been waxing and waning from my life for about two years at that point. He always wanted me, wooing me relentlessly, mercilessly but he possessed a fear of me as well. Digging into the fear would give me enough material for a Ph.D. dissertation, so we won't peak beneath those covers right now.

Earlier that summer I began working on a new account and The Doctor knew where I worked part-time as we'd obviously talk about it. Upon return from my Mexican holiday, I went to the office and ran right into The Doctor. As my two worlds collided, he happily explained that he was working for the client (as we were collocated on-site). I could not believe it. As if to be seeing him daily. For hours on end. I was flabbergasted. What a lengths a boy would go for me!

During this time, we did grow close. I can still see the goofy smile that would cross his face every time he saw me. He truly did adore me. However, lots of drama ensued; primarily spearheaded by his manipulative best friend. The Doctor chose his bff''s choice of girlfriend for him over what his own heart told him. And as they say, the rest is history.

So my little detective heart took a peak at facebook today. And guess who is on there... yup, y'all are bright and guessing right! The Surgeon.

Based on the photographic evidence, he is still married to bff's choice and has two children. The Doctor immediately sent me an email. The best part is the portion where he happily states he is coming to Austin this winter and would love to see me again.


thecoconutdiaries said...

Hmmm, the Ghosts of Boys pasts are scary at first but then you wind up learning something in the end.

kimba said...

you had a doctor too!?
hmmmm where is the southern gent in life right now.. ?

patsy said...

coco ~ it will be interesting. at least it is serving as a good swift kick in the bum to get back on the exercise wagon!

kimba ~ our dear gent has gone MIA after being very attentive upon my return from holiday. boyz are weird.