30 October 2008

different and done

He called last night. Just like he said he would. We spoke for almost an hour. 48 minutes to be exact. But.

But something was different. He wasn't the same old Southern Gentleman. Something was missing in the lilt of his voice. I felt an undertone of annoyance at times. Not the usual lovey goodbye. Worse yet, no mention of a visit any time next month or ever. Something was off.

It has been a year. I am tired. I no longer have time for these reindeer games.

I am letting him go.


kimba said...

I will not have it.
Not after one shitty conversation that could happen in any relationship/friendship..
You will not give up on a man who makes you happy.
Sorry. You will not. I won't allow it.

Fiona said...

Do you know why he's sounding 'off' hon? Are there pressures in his life you don't know about? Did you ask him to come and visit?

So many questions! Like Kimba, I hate to see something go off the rails when there is potential for joy.

I'm sorry this is happening to you.

Anonymous said...

I hate to be a repetitive member of the peanut gallery, but he seems to bring a certain somethin-somethin on his good days. Could this be one bad day?