15 November 2011

my amazing grace, otherwise known as lulu

On Tuesday August 23, my little Lulu broke her leg shortly after 7 PM.

Tonight, a Tuesday exactly twelve weeks later, I sit in an empty house.

No rustling of the noisy dog collar so I'd know her location. No long nose tapping on the handle of the back door to be let outside. No sounds of greyhound nails tapping on the cement floors. No blue brindle voyeur keeping tabs on me while I am in the bathroom. 

As of shortly before 6 PM last night, Monday November 14, I said good bye to my dear sweet Lulu.

I cannot believe that 24 hours have passed since I last kissed her, told her I loved her, felt her fur underneath my palms, looked in her eyes to thank her for all the love she gives me. Sadly, this the first of many hours that I will have to learn to live without my girl.

Lulu, you were so courageous, so brave, strong and full of love. Momma loves you so very much.


Fiona said...

Sending loving thoughts to you Patsy, and remembering Lulu with a smile and a tear.

How brave she was, how brave you are. My god hard this must be.

Hugs hugs hugs


patsy said...

thank you fi. cannot get enough hugs

Jane said...

My heart is breaking for you. Lots of hugs your way!