13 November 2011

anything but an amusement park

I am not going to lie. These days life around here is hard. The ups and downs are extreme. Trying to stay strong for Lulu is damn hard. Some days are easier than others. Some days I have to leave for a short while to drive so I can cry in the car.

Lulu responded so well to Monday's chemo. But last night, she whimpered in pain, so I gave her an additional pain pill.

I simply keep trying to spoil her and love her as much as I can. Clinging to every moment. Savoring each minute detail of her fur, her body, her eyes. Drinking in every moment. It is so much harder than I ever imagined. I love Lulu too much.

1 comment:

Fiona said...

Oh Patsy, my heart aches for you. I don't know how I'd manage to be strong in your position. Love her too much, never, you love Lulu just right!

Big hugs