20 November 2013

a pleasant surprise

This evening marks my sixth date with Nelson. This encounter has caught me by surprise as on the surface Nelson is not what I typically go far, specifically, he isn't tall. But oh is he nice, kind, and so sincere. Conversation flows so easily and time passes so quickly when we are together. It is wonderful.

I feel so at ease with him. There is none of the angst that I had clearly gotten so used to with the weirdness of The Southern Gentleman. I didn't realize how stifled I felt around The Southern Gentleman until this freedom became palpable with each conversation I have with Nelson.

On our first date, he arrived at my door with a pair of soft, fuzzy blue socks in hand. A little joke present for me since he endured my cold feet. He said he saw them at the store and knew I needed them. 

The night before the anniversary of Lulu's death was another of our dates. I found myself overcome with sadness and seriously considered cancelling on Nelson but decided against it. I got myself composed in time for his arrival, but he knew something was up as he inquired as soon as he walked through the door. I was able to live in the moment with him as opposed to remain in "that time" two years prior and we had a lovely time. When we returned to my house, I lost it a bit and the Lulu stories simply started flowing out of me. He was so wonderful throughout that as he understood because he lost his hound girl recently. With most people that would have been a last date, however, he continued to tell me he was so happy I shared that with him. He even sent me a lovely email and poem about it the following day.

Tonight, we are going out again. The second time this week and not the last. I am looking forward to seeing Nelson again tonight.


Fiona said...

At long, long last :)

Carla said...

How wonderful for you.