05 November 2013

follow though, otherwise known as a refreshing change

This weekend I attended a few Halloween parties. I knew relatively no one at either, but I felt the need to get the sewing machine out and concoct a costume. Ah, how I love sewing. Especially when I have an idea and simply construct without a pattern. The perfect synergy of creativity and problem solving!

Because I wanted to wear my fabulous blue wig, there was only one costume choice: Katy Perry. I had a great time recreating her California Gurls' candy land dress. Luckily more people recognized who I was this year as opposed to my awesome J-Woww from last year.

During the second party, a man approached me. We talked for awhile and then I felt the need to circulate. During my circulation period, I later discovered that Nelson was busy obtaining G2 on me as well as imploring our mutual friend, Lonnie for assistance because he was not "looking for a hook up but wants to date her [me]." Nelson also expressed concern to Lonnie when he saw one of our married friends grab my bum. Lonnie explained it was one of out harmless marrieds.

Around 2 AM, I had to ditch the costume because the wig was simply making my head hurt and it was getting cold.  Nelson was back on it and we did have nice conversation. We ended up staying up until just short of 6 AM and then retired to the guest room.

I had no intention of sleeping with him, but I was surprised I didn't have to say anything because he beat me to the punch declaring that "there would be plenty of time for that later." I did a double take. While there was a bit of kissy face, there wasn't anything else. Poor guy even let me wear his socks to bed as I was fully clothed and still frozen, especially my feet.

He left mid-morning, delicately retrieving his socks. I stirred long enough to say good-bye and eat a few ibuprofen.  Since Lonnie and I had planned on post-party brunch and she was still dead to the world, I went back to bed.

I didn't stir again until the early afternoon. Lonnie and I enjoyed a thorough debrief of the events of the entire party. During this time, I received a few text messages from Nelson. Clearly, this man does not let any grass grow under his feet.

On Monday, I received more text messages from Nelson. One of which was inquiring if I was available on Wednesday or Thursday this week. Holy cow! I am not used to such behavior! When I told him that Thursday worked better, he replied that he would call me tonight to hash out a plan. A phone call?! Again, holy cow!

And Nelson did call. Of course, I missed it because I turned off the mobile ringer when I was at the gym and forgot to turn it back on afterwards. I snatched up my mobile to look up a word that was in a book I was reading and poof! I saw the missed call notification. He thought I lived on the south side of town and had a whole plan for that, so he was thrown for a curve ball when I clarified I lived on the north end, which is near him. So he will be picking me up at 7 PM on Thursday.

And the adventures continue...

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Fiona said...

LOVE the socks bit :) :)

Looking forward to hearing more!