04 November 2013

thirty days have november

Holy cow! November is here. Sadly, that means a whole bunch of things in my world and only one of them is that the year is almost over.

November marks my birthday and the anniversary of Lulu's death. Two big things that make me realize how fleeting life truly is. Especially since this will be my last year in my thirties. Now that is a scary thought!

Since all my friends are in Austin, this birthday won't be much simply because I will be in Denver. I reminisce about my fabulous birthday last year; I was in Austin surrounded by all my amazing friends. An evening filled with laughter and love. Happiness was actually palpable.

It is those type of memories that make everything feel so off here. But I remain steadfast in my belief that the correct next step will present itself when I am ready for it.

Once the calendar changed to November, I experience a profound sadness that had lessen in previous months as the second anniversary of Lulu's death stands out prominently. Two years that my darling left me. Unfortunately, it feels as if much more time has passed. I have finally figured out that this hole in my heart will never be filled.

On to happier topics tomorrow!


Fiona said...

I don't think those holes are ever filled. Even though I have two adopted seniors now, the hole Lupo left behind is as big, if not bigger. I keep telling myself not to compare, but more and more I understand how special he was. I always knew it, but having two new furry faces to look after....I know it more.

I remember your Lulu too, in fact just seeing her name always brings a smile to my face. She was a 'heart dog' and they only come along once in a lifetime. We can love others, but our love for those heart dogs is completely different. Remembering your beautiful girl with you.

Hey we're both November girls...I have a big one coming, marking mid-way between 50 and 60. Oh to be nearing 40 again ;)

Love and hugs


patsy said...

Oh Fi ~ I am so terribly sad to learn about your darling Lupo. Lots and lots of love to you xoxo