29 May 2006

Obviously an amicable divorce - not so much. Happy to be free? Yes. Definitely YES!

WanderG says: Hi Leech
Leech says: hey
WanderG says: Got the day off?
Leech says: no
WanderG says: at least it will be quiet for you today, shouldn't it
Leech says: busy as shit
WanderG says: could you please send $100 a month for the car loan
Leech says: I new you wanted something..ill do my best
WanderG says: The loan is part of the divorce decree. I really don't want to go to court for it.
WanderG says: I am paying it right now and I barely make it every month as it is
Leech says: so was my shit you bitch
WanderG says: why are you being so mean? what are you talking about
Leech says: oh ya i forgot..you do know wrong
WanderG says: what??
Leech says: anyway all do my bst..ill be in touch
Leech says: go fuck yourself

WanderG says: please do - - my mom still sticks up for you
WanderG says: I dont understand why you are being so hateful
Leech says: your a self centered un caring bitch
WanderG says: you know that is anything but the truth
says: olny you think that
WanderG says: I dont understand your hate. But I hope you can work through it
WanderG says: life is too short to be full of such hatred. our marriage didnt work but that is no reason be like this
Leech says: you will never get it
WanderG says: neither will you then
Leech says: you only care about you
WanderG says: and I could say the same about you, but I dont
WanderG says: If I dont care about myself these days Leech, no one else will
Leech says: ill send ya some money soon
Leech says: you treat everyone in your life like shit

WanderG says: how do you know. you havent been with me or seen me in a long time
Leech says: some things never change
WanderG says: yes, some things never do
Leech says: your incapable of caring about others
WanderG says: I hope you have a good day at work.
Leech says: anyway..enjoy you day
Leech says: Correction ill start sending the money to your mom. I get paid in a few weeks. Ill send her what I can. I shouldn't take out on her because of her daughters actions
Leech says: see ya

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
So do you think The Leech is a little bitter? A little off base? A lot off base?

His words today really hurt. How can he even say I am an uncaring, self-centered bitch? Neither of us was blame-free in this but at the same time, I gave and gave and gave some more even when there was nothing left for me.

The definition of uncaring was the February day when I tried to end it all. He came home, looked at me, then went downstairs, sat on the couch. I could have died that day and he was unfazed. What happened to the "for better or worse" part? That was THE WORST and he left me. He left me to die.

THAT was the defining moment. Instead of caring, fighting for me, doing a damn thing - he simply left. Had it not been for my mother, who knows what would have happened.

THAT was the turning point. When I needed him the most - he walked away.

His lack of action spoke - yelled - screamed volumes. Shook me to my very core.

My silent pleas ignored for months while I did everything for him.

My gigantic plea ignored just the same.

Then he has the balls to tell me those things above.

We were both here. We both know the truth. Funny how only one of us can acknowledge it.

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