15 September 2006

Once upon a time....

there lived a fair girl in the suburbs. While our dear princess was a bright soul, she lived under the rule of her parents, the Stalins. She tried and tired to escape. However, her many attempts never came to fruition. Like a good princess, she went to school and was a good girl. She kissed a few frogs along the way and then after graduation she kissed a lot more frogs. With each kiss, she hoped her prince would come. He never did.

She married a frog disguised as a prince. However, his slimy amphibian ways started to show after they said I Do in a lavish ceremony. The princess kept trying to make the marriage work but the frog grew more frog-like and disgusting every day. Finally, our princess kicked the frog out of the castle.

Our princess went back to kissing frogs with high hopes of finding her prince. She kissed and kissed. Then poof! out of not where she met a prince. Fell in love and fell hard. But the prince had some baggage, as did our princess; so things did not work out - timing was a little off. The princess was sad and cried.

But our princess... is she a quitter? Hell no. She goes back out kissing frogs - only thing is now she is older and a little smarter. She did lots of work on herself. Reading, talking to herself and her dogs, facing demons and truths. Our princess is one tough cookie with a heart of gold. The new and improved princess was out and about and POOF! out of nowhere, she met Prince Charming. Fireworks exploded. Birds sang. Planets aligned. Angels smiled.

Now Prince Charming and our Princess occasionally have problems but they work things out. They are an excellent team. They get each other. They are committed to their marriage. They cannot imagine life before they met. All is happy in the kingdom. They have a beautiful new castle. The world is their oyster and there is no complication that they cannot conquer together. They threw fabulous parties, traveled the world. But most importantly, they loved each other with all their heart and all their soul. It was the strength of that love and their dedication to each other that makes life. And they lived happily ever after.

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