13 September 2006

Raw Emotion

He does not love me. Plain. Simple. Truth.

I cannot allow him to treat me like this any more.

The pain. Of. The. Words.

The words. Simple text messaging. Gone awry.

I need to embrace openness. love. without fear of retribution. blame.

I need someone to love me.

I need to love me. most of all. above anyone else.

I cannot find it elsewhere. Only within.

An army of one. I need to learn it. Live it. Be it.

I do not want to cut my heart out. So why do I allow others to cut my heart out for me?

Because I care too much. I give too much of my heart away. I make it possible.

Raw emotion. No one here understands the pain I endure.

I am tired of the tears. I am tired of the pain. I am simply tired. Exhausted. Done.

I do not believe this stone can be turned over. I do not think I can overlook the pain of tonight. I do not think that starting over is an option.

The steak is done. Well done. It needs to be thrown off the damn grill already.

What a waste.

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