29 December 2007

away with you

the past few weeks i have felt the small gnawing of depression here and there. random tears. while work stress has been almost unbearable and the holiday hoopla thrown in just to spice things up, i decided to visit my acupuncturist supreme. i decided i needed to go now just as the symptoms were barely surfacing - be proactive this time rather than dwell in the cave denial built.

i made the appointment. acupuncturist supreme said that my trouble pulse was low and good i noticed and came in. finally, i am in tune with my body. finally, i notice the depression symptoms. finally, i have the courage to be proactive so i never go down the rabbit hole again. depression will never run my life again. for that i am beyond proud of myself.

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Brighton said...

Good for you! I have that problem as well, only I never go in when I should. It's so important to listen to your body and know when something is not quite right.
Sending happy vibes your way : )