12 December 2007

What's in a dream?

Do dreams really hold any messages? Are they merely a manifestation of our unconscious yearnings? Something meaningful? Or a brain uncensored?

I don't know the answer but I did have a delightful little dream last night. I rarely remember my dreams so I am excited when I do have a recollection. This dream was so real that it actually woke me to some extent.

The vivid image that remains, burned in is that of The Southern Gentleman and I walking next to each other, both smiling with a little girl between us. We are each holding her hand, the three of us walking, giving her a bit of a swing along the way. I remember thinking the little girl was so cute. I remember drinking up The Southern Gentleman's sweet smile.

Was that simply my hope revealing itself? Or was it the preview of coming attractions I asked for?

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