16 December 2007

Bald Magnet

Another whirl wind weekend. Not as crazy as last month but definitely keeping me hopping.

Last night though. The Christmas party wine tasting extravaganza. Met a new man who was totally digging me. I don't know what it is with me and bald men. My abundance of hair must be a magnet to those follically challenged.

He immediately sought me out. We chatted for awhile, found out we work for the same company. He asked for my number which I happily provided. He wanted to see me for brunch this morning but I already had plans. He stated he wished he could change his plans for tonight - his birthday dinner with his children. Of course I get on the plane tomorrow morning and will be gone until after the first of the year. Boo.

Other than shaving his head to mask the receding hairline, he was well dressed - even had good shoes on -muscular, but not in the chubby sense, muscular as in the man works out. We talked for quite some time - the party moved from the kitchen to the dining room but I honestly did not notice as we were in our own little world, which was nice for a change. We continued chatting the rest of the evening until I noticed it was 1 AM! Yikes, I had an early morning so I downed my wine and headed for the door, lest I turn into a pumpkin.

He left with me. I got a nice hug good night complete with a kiss on my right cheek. I saw his little sports car zip away up the street. Yummy! a fun little two seater sports car - this definitely has potential fun written all over it.

We will see. He has my number. He seemed interested last night. Hopefully he will call. I could definitely use a little entertainment down here.

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