04 December 2007

Double Standards

Double standards are everywhere.

It makes me sad that here we are in the 21st century but still these double standards remain in tact with what feels like a iron grip to me.

Montana Man may be a lot of things. But one good thing about the man is the fact that he is a good father. There is a double standard for mothers and fathers who share custody. I see it all the time with Montana Man. The Alec Baldwin voicemail debacle from earlier this year makes total sense after living through a lot the off-balance scale of justice.

I have had my own experience of seeing the double standard in action with my father and fictitious allegations. Same with my uncle. Anyone can fling accusations at will. It is not innocent until proven guilty any more. Guilt is implied regardless.

Then there is the double standard I am wrestling with. Because I dress nice and take care of myself that I somehow asked for ass grab 2007 to happen, I invited it. In fact, I did not; but there lies the double standard rub. That is a fact. However, I cannot do anything about what happened, other than protect myself from it occurring again.

Nope, no hr course of action. Why? I was 25 and fell pray to a man who propositioned me in a very lewd fashion at work and went to boast this proposition with a co-worker. Being a dewy eyed 25 year old, I told my manager and he was required to file it with HR. Nothing happened besides the offender got a talking to. I had to find a new assignment to save my own sanity. Honestly, I do not want a second harassment on MY record. Hence, I have to expect and stop anything like this from happening again myself. Myself.

Double standards. Yeah.


evilsciencechick said...

ugh. just catching up on the whole sordid affair.

can you go over your boss's head and report this? can you go to HR yourself?

that totally sucks and I hope that taintsmear of a man gets what's coming to him.

ke said...

Are you serious that nothing happened? What's the HR policy on harrassment at your company?