28 January 2008

Another Blind Date

Last week, I caught up with a co-work, Red who I hadn't spoken with since before "the date." After listening to the debacle in live technicolor, Red and I discussed my dating must have list.

You see, I was never one to have a must have list; a perennial give-a-man-a-try-because-he-seems-like-a-nice-guy kind of gyrl. However, Harry Goldenblatt proved to be the last of one too many losers and hence the list was born. It is merely a list of things I cannot be without or with. The seemingly small things that turn into big things. I have taken note of my patterns and am trying to turn the destructiveness of my past around with this list.

The next day, Red informed me that he told his girlfriend about my less that exciting date. Seems Red's girlfriend works with a man who fulfills the criteria set forth in my list and Red asked if I'd be willing to go on a blind date. If he fits the criteria, why yes, I am ready for a blind date. Bring it on!

Turns out Red also sent my Christmas card photo to work with his girlfriend so the potential blind date could check me out. Suppose he had to be sure I wasn't some hideous monster that should be kept in a closet. Whatever.

So Red is working on sorting out the specifics for a little blind date. This should be interesting.

1 comment:

Brighton said...

So when is this date taking place?

I'm sure it will be fine, it has to be better than the last one!!