09 January 2008

Guess what?

Yes, last night, hell officially froze over.


Because I had a date! woo hoo!! Totally impromptu. Initiated by him. Had a good time.

We weren't going to get together until Saturday but last night sure beat sitting at home. I was thrilled that he actually called me rather than sending yet another text message. Since we do work for the same company, I did let him pick me up ~ trying to be more open. We enjoyed a few beers, a bite to eat and chatted it up. I honestly did enjoy myself. Afterwards, he walked me to the door, drank some vino, talked some more. Late for a school night, but oh well!

We are still on for a fun Saturday, which sounds like fun. Possibly this Thursday too.

I could definitely enjoy this for a bit!


Brighton said...

YAY!! See? I told you so ; )

Patsy said...

You sure did! And he called me tonight too! woo hoo!!

Brighton said...

Go Patsy!!!