14 January 2008

"The" Date

My long awaited Saturday date.

It was ok.

Our afternoon of outdoors was moved into the evening due to him. I was cool about that as then I would not be forced to rush.

He picked me up at 7. I looked really nice - hair and make up cooperated - I was thrilled. The man looked good until we got to his shoes. He was wearing tennis shoes ~ forever known as disappointment #1.

We went to a nearby place that was to have live music. In the midst of suburban life right off of I-35 was a little place, who's name completely misled as it sounded middle eastern, however, it was a bar chuck full of good ol' boy Texans playing poker, smokin, and drinkin. We had a cocktail and contemplated plan b. Keep in mind I continued to be gracious and friendly, even though this place was a dive; after all, how do you know if a place is good or not if you never walk in the door, right?

Next we headed downtown for another try. Went to a place on the south side of town. The music was good. Drinks weren't bad. I ordered my first drink when he was in the bathroom and I started a tab. Little did I know that at the end of the evening, I'd end up settling the tab. Now it wasn't big but it was the point that he did not pay. We never did get anything for dinner are the music place did not serve food.

We were at my place by midnight. I felt a bit robbed as we could have stayed out a few more hours. Of course, he is probably 12 -14 years my senior and as such staying out until 2 AM might not so much his thing. I feel that when he figured out I was not going to ask him to spend the night, he left. I was kissed good night and told he would call me this week.

Somehow the fun we had on Tuesday night was not there on Saturday night. All evening he called me "baby" and had his arm around me. Not quite sure how I feel about the whole "baby" thing as part of me found it annoying but yet endearing.

Maybe I built it up in my mind too much? Expected more than what's ever been there? Maybe he was having an off day? Maybe I just need to quit analyzing it to death?


Brighton said...

Sneakers? A dive bar?? YOU PAID THE TAB???

Um, no. You did not build anything up. I say hand him his parting gift of a toaster and walk away. There are far better men out there!

kimba said...

I think I have dated this guy before..

I was about to give him the benefit of everyone having a few off days and making a few bad decisions.. but the 'baby' and the sneakers are pretty telling..

I may be shallow.. but I urge you to be too..