02 January 2009

and now for tonight's half baked theory

most of yesterday and today has been spent reading the third book in the twilight series.

this afternoon bella's incessant whining about wanting to be a vampire irked me beyond imagine... then in a weird sort of way it kicked in....

edward is the southern gentleman. bella, the whiner... me.

like i said, in a weird sort of way.

this parallel may or may not be further probed.

sheesh... i need to get out of the house as i haven't left since coming home after our rock star new years eve celebration!


Anonymous said...

may NOT be further probed! You are a beautiful, intelligent, successful, devilishly stylish lass who is simply ready to have her good karma producing some tangible results. Not at all a lonely teen with no friends and a boy she can barely touch. If I had to choose, I'd be you any day! You were better shoes and cocktails

patsy said...

ah, coco, you're my hero! xo