22 January 2009

a year ago today

The following is an e-mail from the past, composed on Thursday, January 17, 2008, and sent via FutureMe.org
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Dear FutureMe,

Today I received and read the mail I'd sent us on 16 Jan 2006. It was pretty crazy - while things didn't happen per the plan, everything happened none the less. It blew my mind.

Right now you are tired of being alone. Yes, you are finally ready to settle down and be married - at 33. It did take us awhile to get there but we are ready for that commitment - a lifetime commitment of love. February is rapidly approaching too... and this February is important as per the Asian custom, I turn 34 upon the date of my conception... and I was told I'd meet "him" when I am 34. So next month the possibility of "him" coming into my life is palpable. I am beyond ready for this to occur... beyond.

March 5th will mark the one year anniversary of our first trip to Austin. 3/5/07 - that one day, that one decision has had a powerful impact on all facets of our world - in fact, it has changed our world forever. We found our home, our life, everything we have sought out here in ATX. I am currently working hard on getting us moved down here. I feel confident we will succeed and by this time next year, the dogs and you will be official Texas residents.

You must continue to embrace life as you have this past year. Living fearlessly, making friends, being your true genuine self with people upfront rather than after they know you a bit. Channel you inner Crazy Neighbs more often - make that the standard. You've done a kick ass job breaking your shell open, now simply completely leave the shell behind.

You've lost about all the weight you gained thru unhappy marriage and pills. Continue working on getting rid of the last few remnants - those stubborn 5 pounds. Whenever I walk the Town Lake trail, I think of how much Big dog is going to love being on those walks with you - devour every minute of that experience once Big dog is able to join us.

Be kinder to the little dog. She is not easy going like Big dog but try not to be so blatantly favoring towards Big dog.

Montana Man. Hopefully you are just about done collecting your cash back from him. I certainly hope he kept his word and you did not have to sue him. Either way, you should just about have him out of your life completely. Amen!

Has The Southern Gentleman turned out to be "him"? Part of me hopes beyond hopes that you and he are together, that he is "the one". The Southern Gentleman and you had such a wonderful time together in Sept 2007. Part of me truly feels there is a reason he has remained in contact all these years - that only working together for 6 months but our remaining in contact over the past almost 8 years means something. But who ever it is, I know "he" will be worthy of you - finally.

Enjoy life. Enjoy the adventure. You are getting your "life is an adventure" attitude back; hopefully by the time you read this, you will be back to even better than before... because you are definitely almost there.

Austin has opened you up. You have already established a wonderful, fulfilling life here. You can do that anywhere now. The world is your oyster. I have so much faith in you, Patsy. This year you will flourish like no other. You will be successful - work, life, emotionally, mentally - on all fronts. I know you can and will do it!

Go get 'em girl! xoxo

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