26 January 2009


Nothing makes me crankier than weight gain.

After being on cruise control maintenance, I found myself dumped off into lose it mode again. As I do not have a scale down here, I am going merely off the fact that some of my clothes are tight. And tight clothes push me over the edge.

I can pinpoint with exact precision exactly when this weight started creeping on - the surprise arrival of the parental units. The stress from that, my birthday, nicely followed up by the holidays lead me to this place.

Not helping the situation is my inability to establish any sort of routine at this house. At my home in CO, everything is effortless. In my previous Austin apartment, I had balance. But it is almost a year I have been in this house and I still feel that I am floundering. The imbalance doesn't help me to construct a healthy weight loss environment either.

However, I am resolved to establish balance and a semblance of routine at this place because seriously, a year is long enough. No more excuses! So I am eating regularly - yes, brekkie, lunch, dinner (no more forgetting to eat!). I purchased some exercise DVDs so I cannot be deterred by getting home in darkness. I have also purged all alcohol from the house as well as limiting my happy hour attendance. Booze is my caloric downfall.

I need to get back to my good happy place weight. I need to be ready to go at a moment's notice when the start gun finally goes off.

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Anonymous said...

If anyone can do it, it would be you!